GS Version Information



Haynes Pro: Service Schedules and Repair Times are powered by Haynes, e3 tech is also available at an additional cost. Please speak to one of our support team for more information or click here to register your interest

SMS & Post Code Look Up Credits

You can now purchase SMS and Post Code Lookup credits from within GS Quote and GS Lite.

Generic SMS & Email Messages

It is now possible to send generic SMS and Email messages from Customer Details, Job Cards and Invoice screens

Reminders - Additional Information

Additional information has been added to the Reminders screen – you can now see how the reminders were sent (i.e. by SMS by Email) You can also hide any reminder notices that have been sent.

Job Cards & Quotes

Job Cards and Quotes can now be printed to PDF

SMS / Text Messages

SMS credit levels can now be viewed from all SMS message windows and as with Post Code Look up credits it is now possible to purchase SMS / Text Message credits from these locations.  When your credits are running low simply press the "Buy Credits" button and follow the on screen instructions

v1.10.0 Complete List

  • Haynes Pro: Haynes Service Schedules and Repair Times now available.
  • PCL/SMS: We have updated the SMS and PCL service in QLO to bring it to line with the live version of GS OneStop. This facilitates the purchasing of credits from within QLO.
  • It was always been possible to send a generic SMS message from a Job Card and Invoice, now it possible to send a generic email as well.
  • It is now also possible to send a generic SMS & Email from the Customer Details Screen as well.
  • Customer Account Settings: (VAT List) now showing all Tax Code options.
  • Helper / Vehicle Finder screen: Now adding a new Vehicle to Cash Job from (Helper Vehicle Finder screen) works as expected.
  • VAT Code Rate are now defaulted to not editable, editable switch hidden in the protected area.
  • Job Card: If a customer has custom VAT setting those VAT settings are now being applied when adding a new Extra in a Job Card.
  • Job Card: If a customer has custom VAT setting those VAT settings are now being applied when that customer is assigned to an existing Job Card.
  • Job Card: When a new job is being created and the vehicle selected belongs to a customer with a custom VAT rate those VAT settings are now being applied to the new Job Card.
  • Reminders: QLO now checks available SMS Credits before batch sending.
  • Reminders: SMS Credit Limit Warning was not functioning as expected, now fixed.
  • Reminders Screen: Sent By and Sent Data now appearing in Selection Grid.
  • Reminders: We have added a filter called (Hide Sent / Unticked).
  • The (Job List) & the (Jobs Finder) now have separate filter settings for (Date, Type, & Status).
  • Job Cards / Quotes: We have now added 3 print as PDF options for Job Card and Quote.
  • Print button added to MOT History screens.