GS Version Information


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Parts Catalogue:
AOL 4 Integration

The way in which GS software integrates with AOL v4 has been dramatically improved, meaning the user experience has also improved .

VRM Look Up Service

The new VRM service returns responses quicker, meaning you have the vehicle details on screen ready to go quicker than ever before.

Best Application & Part Choices

Decoding vehicle information has been improved meaning the applications and parts filtering are more accurate to help select the correct parts first time.

Catalogue Loading Times

Improvements have been made to the loading times of the catalogue so when you are navigating between sections your waiting time is drastically reduced.

Consumables Search

A new Consumables search had been added in AOL v4, so you can now search for anything from first aid kits to screwdriver sets.

MOT Reminders

Buttons have been added to the pop-up list when clicking on a part that allows you to send the part directly to the top or bottom rather than having to move the part one line at a time.

Customer Menu

We have created a new button called Account Settings View when pressed it opens a management screen that lists all customers that have a custom rate or custom parts mark-up defined.
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It is now possible to display Credited invoices on the Customer Account Statement (Note it’s always been possible to display Reissued & Credit Notes).


We have renamed the option show (Paid, Part Paid, Outstanding, Credit Note and Reissued) to (Show all Status) on the Customer Account Statement.


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