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Why is GS Onestop the Garage Management System of Choice

Why is GS Onestop the Garage Management System of Choice

Garage owners have been instrumental in creating a framework of design and development to ensure GS One Stop delivers where it counts.

We asked a selection of users why they chose GS Onestop: 

“ I’ve been using GS Onestop since its launch and have been impressed by its functionality and ease of use. The Autodata Service & Repair function has been invaluable in helping me plan my day efficiently as well as calculating service times and costs. And in-built online ordering through AlliCat ensures I always have the parts I need, when I need them. In addition, Autodata Online* is available instantly, giving technical guidance for the car being worked on, speeding up the repair process. I recently had my Motor Codes Garage Audit, the inspector from the RAC was very impressed with the SMS communication function within GS Onestop. I received a 100% award from the inspector. ”

Murdo MacIntosh - MM Auto Services

“ We are one of very few Colleges who operate a retail unit to enhance our learner’s experience. We have recently changed the software that we use to run this element of our business to GS Onestop… The opening screen gives a clear and concise overview. ”

Bob Laity - Lecturer and Retail Unit Manager Cornwall College

“ We offer MOT’s & repairs for both cars and bikes on site and this is done by our fully trained & qualified technicians. About 18 months ago we decided to update our invoicing system and Mill Autoquip made us aware of GS Onestop. We had a demonstration and then a free trial of the system, where we found that it met all the criteria we had set. We have been using GS Onestop for over 12 months now and we are very satisfied with it. We found that it produced more professional looking invoices for us and we found the Accounts side of the system very useful. In fact this year we had very few questions from our Accountant as GS Onestop had all the information already. We have found GS Onestop has improved our image to our customers and made producing our year end accounts a lot less hassle. ”

A Person - Dawlish 2n4 Repair Centre

“ We’ve been using it for just over a couple years: It’s very user friendly and there’s no financially driven tie-in, it was the best investment we made in 2012. ”

John Podd - Autocraft Larkfield