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Switching to GS Onestop

Switching to GS Onestop

Switching to GS Onestop isn't a difficult process. We asked two busy workshops what effect switching to GS Onestop has had on their respective businesses.

When it comes to running a workshop, most bosses would rather be working on customers' cars; as the essential paperwork is often seen as an unnecessary hindrance that' best avoided – which is where The Parts Alliance's GS Onestop Garage Management System comes in.

IPB Motor ServicesIPB Motor Services

Ian Barnard, owner of IPB Motor Services in Chingford, North East London, began using GS Onestop in August 2012  and has been delighted with the results.

To be honest, we've approached the system with caution and probably haven't used it to its full potential," said Ian, "but we've been conscious of making the software work for us rather than have the computer tell us what we could or could not do.

“ We have seen a huge improvement in our efficiency ”

IPB's receptionists have embraced the advanced customer and job management capability that GS Onestop offers. "We have seen a huge improvement in our efficiency," stated service receptionist Tara. "GS Onestop allows us to look up parts quickly, provide service quotations for customers, book jobs in, create accurate job cards and provide our technicians with the right technical information. It gives us more control.

Ian added: "We have used several garage software systems over the years but GS Onestop has been the clear leader in terms of what it brings to our business. We are preparing to use more of its capabilities, such as customer communication and time management, but we are very happy with how it's performed so far.

Cruso Auto RepairsCruso Auto Repairs Ltd

Cruso Auto Repairs has been serving customers in Leek, Staffordshire for 21 years and have been using GS Onestop for four years now.

Boss Rob Whately has been hands-on for two months and has no complaints since he started using GS Onestop: "We tried other systems and, while each one was good at one or two tasks, none of them did everything we wanted.

“ If I can use this program anyone can as it's very technician-friendly ”

As he pointed out, for any technician who'd rather be servicing cars than dealing with paperwork, GS Onestop is the solution. Today Cruso Auto Repairs is almost paperless and the transition has been easy. Said Rob: "If I can use this program anyone can as it's very technician-friendly. While other programs can be confusing, GS Onestop is easy to use – from the initial job quotation and service booking through to creating the final invoice."

The way in which GS Onestop manages the day-to-day running of the workshop has other benefits too. As Rob went on: "It makes the working day run more smoothly, thanks to its simplicity. We can now do twenty MOT tests a day – we've even done twenty one without getting into overtime because of the way GS Onestop plans everything. It's made my business more efficient and is better than they said – and better than I'd hoped.