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GSF Trafford customer over the moon with GS Lite

GSF Trafford customer over the moon with GS Lite

GS Lite has revolutionised the day job for P&W Auto Services.

A regular customer has been left smitten with our GS Lite software thanks to how it’s revolutionised the way they work.

P&W Auto Services, a customer of GSF Trafford, introduced the software to their business following some good teamwork between Branch Manager Ivan Ali, GS Programme Sales Manager Mark Strain and the support team at DDS.

“As a small independent garage we were struggling to find a software programme that would create things like job cards and invoices, but GS Lite does it all and more,” said P&W Director Tricia Pallister.

The GS Lite software has been particularly useful in modernising many of the daily processes Tricia and the team carry out.

Our Programme Sales Manager Mark said: “They are a really good example of a business without an electronic system making that transition successfully.

“It took them a couple of months to get to grips with it, but now they can’t imagine life without it and that’s great to see. We see success most often where there’s a willingness to adopt the system, so that’s an important factor for branches to look out for when they’re gathering leads for us.”

One of the other reasons for Tricia’s glowing feedback was her experience with DDS, who were on hand to help throughout the installation and integration.

She said: “The support we received from the GS Lite team was second to none and any queries I had were dealt with in a professional, friendly and courteous manner.

“It’s very reassuring to know I have the full back-up of these guys and that nothing is too much trouble.”