Key Features


Telephone Number Search

We have updated the Reception Screen so you now added the ability to search for a Customer via a telephone number from the reception screen.
You now have the ability to search on Name, Address and Telephone number giving you mulitple ways of finding your customer in your GS Garage Management System.


We've added a field at the bottom of the finders screen that allows you to set the amount of rows that are visible on the page, you can set this to a many or as few as you wish.

v1.12.x Complete List

  • Invoice Finders: QLO now remembers the last date entered in the filter called “From Date”, even after a shutdown.
  • Invoice Finder: If the payer is changed on an invoice the new payer name is now shown in the invoice finders.
  • Finders: We have added a field on the bottom of all the finders screens that allows the user to set the amount of rows they would like to see on a page.
  • Reception: Users can now search for a customer via a Telephone number.