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One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

GS Onestop is the garage management system created by Data Development Services (DDS).

Lee Machin, director at DDS, said: ‘There are so many plusses to electronic systems over paper. With paper it’s so much harder to build up a picture of howthe business is performing, seewhatwork is flowing through the garage or simply hold all the information you need so you can make the most of future opportunities

“ GS Onestop gives you instant feedback on how you’re trading, where there’s space in the diary to add in an extra job, and you can pull off reports on profitability from the business as a whole right down to individual technicians ”

Fully Integrated

GS Onestop fully integrates with other systems from The Parts Alliance: ‘It all means you can operate on a par with a dealership but, being an independent, without their high prices, so that’s a benefit over paper and an edge over the dealer,’ observes Lee.

‘It was developed in close consultation with workshop owners and it has proved itself over the past five years at all levels from a one man businesses through to major repair garages. It’s completely scalable. Its roles and permissions feature allows different staff members to see everything or simply the functions appropriate to their duties.’

“ The clear advantage over other systems is that being installed locally on your computer it doesn’t require a permanent internet connection. Should communication lines go down it continues to work. ”

‘It also integrates with AlliCat Online, The Parts Alliance’s best-in-class electronic ordering system, with instant display of price and availability for both “prime” part numbers and alternatives.’

‘If you’re stuck with a paper system you’ll be on the phone to various suppliers, checking parts and prices, which takes time, and then just hoping you have the right parts and that they turn up.’

Lee adds: ‘For any garage that’s never used an electronic garage-based system before, GS Onestop will really help improve their efficiency, saving time and money – training and upgrades are free!’